1    How to upload video from YouTube?

Its very easy to upload videos form YouTube. All you have to do is copy VIDEO URL and paste in the field and Press Grab from youtube button. after editing Title, Description and Tags then Select the Correct Category (Singer Name) and click on Save Button.

2    How to upload video from my computer?

To upload from your computer, click on the Upload tab, Click Browse to locate the file on your computer. and Title, Description, Tags will be populate automatically after changing Title, Description and tags then click on save button. (once admin review your video then it will be appear on site)

3    How to Create Video Collection?

login to Nanogb.com and then go to your account  in left menu find Create New Collection type Collection Name, Description, Tags and Select a Category or your Choice, Choose Collection type (video or photo) and Select option if you want Make collection Private.

4     How to add Video to your Collection?

While Watching Video if you like the video and want to add this video into your Collection see the right side of the Player have box (Collections) and Select your Collection if you have more than one and click on (add to collection) button.

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